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Environmental Conservation and Energy-Saving Technology

Marine Fuel-Consumption Indicator: FUELNAVI

The fuel-consumption indicator FUELNAVI (Trademark registered) enables the ship's crew on the bridge to monitor the fuel consumption of the main engine.

Energy-Saving Hull Appendage: MT-FAST

The energy-saving hull appendage MT-FAST greatly reduces fuel consumption. Its multiple blades are fitted ahead of the ship’s propeller to reduce the swirl generated by propeller revolutions and thereby enhance propulsion efficiency.

Combustion Equipment for Water-Emulsion Fuel

This device, which is under development, would enable a mixed fuel of water and heavy oil (water-emulsion fuel) to be burned in a marine auxiliary boiler. Because water-emulsion fuel exhibits greater combustibility than heavy oil alone, its use in a marine auxiliary boiler would contribute to fuel savings. The device is environmentally friendly and promises to result in cleaner exhaust gas (reduced in CO2 and NOx emissions).

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