Air Lubrication

Reducing CO2 Emissions by Air-Lubrication System

The air-lubrication system reduces frictional resistance on a ship’s hull by creating a flowing layer of air bubbles between the seawater and ship bottom.

To date, the NYK Group has installed the air-lubrication system on module ships, coal carriers, and pure car carriers. For module ships and coal carriers, CO2 reduction was confirmed during trials and actual sea voyages; for PCC, CO2 reduction was confirmed during trials and is now being tested in actual sea voyages.

MTI is working to analyze the long-term energy-saving effects of ships equipped with the air-lubrication system during actual sea voyages and establish the optimal operation. Further, we are conducting research and development for greater CO2 reduction and for how best to install this system on existing ships and so expand this system.


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