Energy-Saving Devices

Contributing to Ship Energy Saving

MTI and Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation have jointly developed a new fuel-saving device, called MT-FAST, which can be fitted to a vessel’s hull.

MT-FAST is a pre-swirl stator-type device that is attached to a ship’s hull just forward of the propeller and improves the flow of water around the propeller in order to improve the propeller function. It has been demonstrated experimentally that the appendage can realize fuel-savings of around 4%. In addition to being able to be fitted to new vessels, MT-FAST can be retroactively fitted to existing vessels.

The NYK Group will fit the fuel-saving hull appendage to other NYK and NYK Group bulk carriers. By analyzing and confirming the fuel-saving effects of the appendage during actual sea voyages, MTI and NYK will work toward further improvements of the device (patent applied for).


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