Freshness-Keep Transportation

Shipping Fruits and Vegetables by Sea Utilizing CA Containers – Realizing Low-Cost and Freshness-Keep Shipping

As part of its growth strategy, the Japanese government has set a goal of increasing the export value of agricultural, forestry, and fishery products and foods to 2 trillion yen by 2025 and 5 trillion yen by 2030. Especially in the export of fruits and vegetables, it is essential to transport them by sea while maintaining the freshness without increasing the selling price in overseas markets.
MTI contributes to the increased exports of fruits and vegetables by sea utilizing specialized reefer containers: CA (controlled atmosphere) containers that control temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels inside and thus prevent deterioration of food quality. These containers are getting more attention from exporters of agricultural products because they can keep the conditions of fruits and vegetables as good as air transport yet cost around 10% of air transport.

We started cooperating with Fukuoka Dydo Seika Co. Ltd., Ibaraki prefecture and Toyohashi city for on-land storage tests and experimental shipping utilizing CA containers. Now, the containers are utilized for exporting Japanese fruits and vegetables to East Asian destinations such as Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, and even to North America and Europe.

As the cumulated knowledge of CA-container transportation has been transferred to Ocean Network Express Pte. Ltd. Japan, for inquiries, please contact the company as shown in the following contact details.

What is CA Transportation?

Generally, even after harvesting, vegetables and fruits breathe, grow, and mature, using their sugar as an energy source, and thus deteriorate. But the equipment of CA transportation can artificially control air composition such as oxygen level and temperature inside reefer containers, so fruits and vegetables become “dormant” and can slow down their deterioration. In addition, we originally added the humidity-control function (patent pending) that prevents drying and keeps the freshness of fruits and vegetables far longer.

Having originally been involved in the research and development of low-temperature transportation, we have the firm technical background to conduct consulting and provide knowledge about CA transportation.


Ocean Transportation with CA


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