International Standardization Allows RFID Solutions to Apply More Widely Across Various Fields

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) is one of the automatic-identification technology tools, and the standardization of RFID hardware and communication protocol has been progressing to the point where we can now adopt RFID solutions for the global logistics environment.
In addition, other standardization processes, such as the data format written into RFID, have also been progressing for each industrial field.

MTI has been contributing to International Standardization through the field experiments of the International Logistics Committee of EPCglobal.
MTI participated as the administrative company for the International Logistics Pilot Project Phase 1 (2007) through Phase 3 (2008) that were hosted by the global standards body of EPCglobal’s International Logistics Committee. Those pilot projects are intended to verify the contributions of EPCglobal-formulated technical specifications to the efficiency and sophistication of international logistics processes, focusing on their expected application to practical systems. Many international logistics vendors, solutions providers, and hardware vendors from Asia, Europe, and North America participated in the test program.

Further, MTI participated in the following national projects:
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI): Distribution System Standardization Project
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC): Ubiquitous Location Identifier Forum
In related projects, MTI has also implemented the following “Ubiquitous Zone” consignment projects:
  • Field experiments in the efficiency of international logistics by utilizing Space Code
    (2008, 2009, 2010 consignment projects)
  • Strengthening of international container transportation between Japan and China utilizing RFID
    (2009 consignment project)
  • Experiment in 433MHz band active-type IC tag and code (location code, company code, product code) applied to asset-based lending services
    (2009 consignment project)


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