Optimization of Ship Operation

Optimization of Ship Operation by Data Analysis

By analyzing SIMS-measured data, the amount of fuel consumption per voyage is clarified and we can improve ship operation. For example, the amount of fuel consumption varies, even for the same ship, affected by factors as below:

  • Influence of hydrographic/weather conditions and current
  • Influence of weather-forecast accuracy, difference of route selection
  • Difference of ship speed distribution
  • Difference of ship speed and distance
  • Difference of displacement
  • Trim influence
  • Difference of fouling condition of ship’s hull and propellers

MTI has supported improving ship operation by developing a method to quantitatively analyze why the factors influenced the increase in fuel consumption and the decrease in ship speed and by providing analysis reports. MTI continues to optimize ship operation by refining the analysis method and automating the analysis reporting.


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