Cement Sheet

Cement Sheet Can Significantly Reduce the Hold Contamination in Bulk Cargo Ships

Cement Sheet is a product that can greatly reduced cleaning time and costs. It is installed into the hold before loading and can then reduce hold fouling after cement unloading. It is a large-scale product designed for use in the entire hold, yet is characterized by easy installation and removal.


Cement Sheet is targeted for handy bulkers (bulk ships of around 23,000 to 50,000 tons) that are used to transport cement. When a ship loads cement, the cement tends to absorb moisture contained in the air and stick to the walls of the hold.
Therefore, the cleaning work after unloading cement entails 3 to 5 times the costs and time required by other cargoes, whose downtime until the next loading is huge.
But using Cement Sheet can greatly reduce taint damage and cleaning work, and additionally suppress dust and improve the general working environment.


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