Prevent Cargo Damage

Keep Cargo Protected from Damage During Transportation

MTI has been working steadily in areas such as the investigation and eradication of cargo damage during transportation in order to provide high-quality transportation services to our customers.
In addition, based on the accumulated know-how, we are also developing products to prevent cargo damage.

1. Shock-Absorbing Pallet

These pallets protect cargoes from the vibrations and impacts that can occur during transport or during loading and unloading. Rubber developed exclusively to protect cargoes from vibration during transport enables the pallet to provide shock protection during any mode of transport: sea, land, or air. These pallets have been delivered to clients handling cargo items such as glass products and precision machines that are particularly sensitive to vibration and shock.
A one-way type (simple version) of Shock-Absorbing Pallet is also available.

2. Condensation Terminator Sheet (CT Sheet)

The CT Sheet is an absorbent dew-condensation countermeasure for preventing the wetting loss of cargo caused by dew that condenses on the container ceiling.
The CT Sheet is good for preventing dew-condensation accidents during the transportation of cargoes that contain high moisture such as coffee, cacao, spices, food and feed such as cereals, pulp, and wood products as well as all cardboard packing.

Furthermore, MTI is providing a heat shielding sheet “Container Liner (Half Type)” that prevent the temperature rise in shipping containers.


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