Sales of “Honesty” – Device to Measure the Level of Liquid in Tanks –
Exceeds 1,000 Units

The number of orders for “Honesty” (patented for some functions), a tank sounding device1 that allows for the accurate and efficient measurement of the level of liquid in tanks on cargo ships (e.g., ballast tanks and fuel tanks), has exceeded 1,000 units.

Honesty significantly shortens the time required to measure the level of liquid in a tank, reduces crew workload, and benefits the fuel supplier by guaranteeing accurate quantity measurements. The device was developed by NYK and MTI with the aim of offering a solution to errors in oil quantity.

Since sales of the device started in June 2014, the time required for measurements has been greatly shortened by about 75% compared to the previous model, and the instrument’s accurate quantity measurement has received excellent reviews. Customer comments have included “it was easy for even inexperienced people taking measurements,” and “it was possible to take accurate measurements even in clear water.” Overall, the device has been very well received.

Characteristics of Honesty

■Notification with lamp and buzzer
・When the sensor mounted on the tip of the measuring device touches the liquid surface, the lamp and buzzer at hand are activated. The displayed value allows the user to accurately observe the distance to the liquid surface.
・The previous method of inserting the sounding tape into the tank to the predicted distance of the level of the liquid in the tank and visually confirming the liquid attached to the tape scale is no longer necessary.

■No reaction to bubbles; measure senses the level of the liquid
・Even if cappuccino bunker2 occurs, the correct amount of oil can be measured because the sensor does not respond to bubbles on the liquid surface.

■Accurately reacts to various liquids
・It is possible to measure the liquid level of MGO, seawater, and fresh water, which was difficult in the past.

■Portable, convenient to carry
・Lightweight and easy to carry. Uses standard batteries for power, and an external power supply is not required.

We will continue to make improvements based on feedback from users and attempt to continually improve product quality.

Based on the medium-term management plan “Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green,” the Group will accelerate digitalization efforts and continue to work with partners to innovate in the maritime industry.

1: Tank Sounding
Measuring the depth of the liquid in the tank installed on the ship and the distance from the tank top to the surface of the liquid.
2: Cappuccino Bunker
A state in which small bubbles are mixed in the fuel oil and supplied to the ship, making the oil appear to be larger in quantity.

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