Privacy Policy

At MTI, we realize that ultimately it is our responsibility to treat personal information properly in this advanced information society where personal information is a valuable asset. We therefore strive to ensure the protection of personal information in accordance with the following policies. We have established our policies for the protection of personal information so that anyone can visit our website and feel assured of their privacy. We hope you take a look at our privacy policy when you visit our website.

  1. Compliance with applicable codes and norms regarding the protection of privacy
    MTI will comply with applicable codes and norms regarding the protection of personal information, and will treat the collected information properly.
  2. Clear intended use of the collected personal informationy
    In the event that we collect personal information, we will first clarify the intended use of the information and obtain personal information legally and in a fair manner.
  3. Scope of the use of personal informationy
    Personal information obtained through our general business practice and from this website will be used only for the purposes necessary to carry out business within the scope of the intended use that has been agreed upon and reasonably relevant scopes thereof. In the event personal information is to be shared with third parties or entrusted to third parties for the management thereof, we supervise the co-users and third parties to ensure that they use personal information properly.
  4. Disclosure of personal information to third partiesy
    We will not disclose personal information to third parties without obtaining prior consent from the people whose information is to be disclosed except when requests for such information are made by order of court, legal authority, or permitted by legislation such as the Personal Information Protection Law, or when prior consent has been obtained from the users of this website, or when such disclosure is beneficial to the website users and public at large.
  5. Management of personal informationy
    We will maintain the collected personal information accurate and up-to-date, ensure safe and strict control of the information, and implement necessary security measures to prevent loss, alteration, and leaks of personal information.
    We also establish the organization and systems needed to carry out proper management of personal information used for business.
  6. Strict compliance of personal information protectiony
    To pursue our privacy policy, we will establish clear rules and codes of practice that our employees are required to observe regarding the protection of personal information, will ensure through training and education that our employees comply with the applicable codes and norms, and will continue to revise and improve our policies to maintain the best privacy policy.
  7. Disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and deletion of personal informationy
    We recognize that people whose information has been collected have the right to request that such information be disclosed, corrected, suspended from use, or deleted. To cope with such requests, we have set up a Personal Information Protection Desk and always respond to such requests as promptly as possible within the reasonable scope of the pertinent laws and regulations.
    Please contact the desk below.

September 2008
MTI Co., Ltd.

Personal Information Protection Desk
Telephone: +81-3-5222-7650 (main number)
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Supplemental explanation: Collection of unidentifiable information and its intended use
We may collect from this website information that cannot identify specific individuals, such as by an access log that keeps track of which pages have been browsed, or from which domain a visit is made. The collected information is used only to improve the website and meet the needs of the users, to analyze statistical trends pertaining to our website operation, or to investigate illegal access, etc., and will not be used for other than the intended purpose.