Announcement of Our New Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV)

In 2024, we reached the 20th anniversary of our company’s founding. In order to grow and develop more sustainably in this era of rapid change, we have renewed our MVV, led by younger experts who will lead the next 20 years of our company.
The environment surrounding the maritime industry has changed drastically since MTI’s 2004 founding, and the roles required of us have broadened and become more specialized. In these unpredictable times, we will continue to work together to achieve our new mission, vision, and values as a company, leveraging the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the past 20 years and contributing to the whole maritime industry based on flexibility and co-creation as an organization known for constant learning.

MVV Renewal Story

MVV Renewal Process

The MVV Renewal Working Group, consisting mainly of young experts who have been with the company for 10 years or less, was established in December 2023 and got right to work.
First, we reviewed MTI’s entire 20-year history, had thorough discussions about the roles now required, and reconfirmed our mission. The group then worked to redefine the vision for what MTI would like to become in the future. Further, we interviewed each employee about his or her thoughts and opinions about MTI, in an approach to extracting values.
Over time, we found the words that best express our thoughts, and finally, after much consultation with management, agreed on the new MVV.

Unveiling the new MVV at MTI’s 20th anniversary party

Story of Challenges

The demand for a holistic view of how the company should be required a completely different skill set from a normal R&D project. And since we ourselves had to decide the process and goals of the project, there were not a few disagreements and revisions. And yet we believe the invaluable experience of working on a project that involved the entire company led to the growth of all the members of the working group.

Thoughts on MVV

We are proud both of the efforts that led to the renewal of MVV and of the final words themselves, narrowed down after much deliberation. We believe that we have been able to put it into words that sufficiently express our social mission, what we would like to be, and the values we should have; and we will do our utmost to reflect MVV in every part of MTI and ensure that the company enjoys a long successful future.


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