Completed Projects (FY 2018)

List of projects completed by MTI in FY 2018

Ship Innovation

Research on monitoring moisture, permittivity, and conductivity in lubricating oil of diesel engines

R&D on condition monitoring and maintenance system for marine pumps (Phase 3)

Research related to the establishment of the NYK-Group environmental targets (Phase 3)

Development of a method for improving safety and economy by preventing accidents of ship engine plants utilizing big data (Third year)

R&D on hull-structure-health-monitoring for large containerships (Third year)


R&D for preparing ship performance models in actual seas for being utilized in "SPAT FORECASTER," a simulation tool for ship operation

Development of a support system for voyage planning (Phase 2)

Functional extension of the preventing-engine-trouble-logic software and improvement of prototype for labor saving of logic creation work

R&D on optimization of execution environment of onboard engine maintenance application

Construction of the operation time management system utilizing SIMS data

Evaluation and improvement of automatic performance analysis logic

Improvement of manual-data-acquiring platform utilizing tablets (Phase 3)

Study on optimization of the operating environment of shoreside operational applications

Study toward making the applications related to operational support for practical use

R&D Driving

R&D on technology for supporting safe transportation of LNG (Third year)

Research on construction of a basic model of the LNG process simulator (Phase 3)

Marine IT

Development of berthing support system

Demonstration experiment with NTT toward the prototype construction of the next-generation ship IoT data platform

Research on improving ability to detect anomalies of the data accuracy monitoring system and methods of promoting improvement activities

Research on AI platform related to autonomous ships (Phase 2)

Function enforcement of onboard infrastructure for data utilization

Research on cargo securing evaluation system

Cooperation of the new Smart Ship Application Platform and NK Ship Data Center (Phase 3)

Development of a safe evaluation system for the fleet (Phase 2)

Research on ship collision risk judgement and autonomous navigation (Third year)

Development of berthing support system (Phase 2)

Engine Solutions

Research on commercialization of a new multi-layer-measurement-type-sea-speed indicator (Phase 4)

Grasping the consumption distribution of ship bottom paint and study on blasting judgement method based on roughness data

Development of predictive diagnosis technology for the LNG LiVE for Shipmanager (Phase 2)

Development of LiVE for Shipmanager (Phase 6)

Development of anomaly detection module for LiVE applications (Phase 1)

Basic study on engine system integration


Long-term examination of number and height measurement method of passing vehicles

Demonstration experiment for extracting issues of automatic driving cargo handling