Media Releases (FY 2009)

List of releases to media reporting on MTI as published in articles or journals in FY 2009

Article by Kosuke Kido, Daisuke Kobayashi and Mikio Kawahara

Information Processing 3 [2010] Vol.51 No.3 (541) by the Information Processing Society of Japan

“A Problem-Solving Approach to Environmental Problems in Ocean Logistics: Applications and Operational Research Techniques”

Interview with Yasuo Tanaka

Kaiun 2009 12 (NO.987)

“On a Front Line of Ballast Water Regulations and Developments in Ballast Water Processing Equipment”

Interview with Hidehito Machida

Kaiun 2009 11 (NO.986)

“Application of IC tags in the Process of Shipbuilding and maintenance”

Interview with Tomoyuki Matsubara

Kaiun 2009 10 (NO.985)

「”How to deal with upcoming IMO environmental restrictions?”

Article by Naotaka Ishizawa

Monthly, Material Flow, September 2009 (No.594)

“Active RFID with Display Function to Increase Efficiency for the Entire Supply Chain of Finished Vehicles”

Article by Toshikazu Takahashi

Butsuryu Joho (Logistics Information) 2009 Summer

“Concerning Eco-Challenge projects by NYK and the Car Carrier Auriga Leader with Solor Panels” (Received the Logistics Environmental Grand Prize from the Japan Federation of Freight Industries)

Interview with Masato Nobuhara

Marine 09 Summer

“A portrait of a future vessel, NYK Super Eco Ship”

Interview with MTI visiting researcher, Hiroyuki Goda

Kaiun 2009 7 (NO.982)

“What is a supreme Eco Ship? How we can build a trendy ship?”

Article by Shinichiro Shimomura and Ryohei Sato

TRONWARE Vol.117 (2009)

“Sychronizing location code and real time event information for management system that uses ucode for the entire supply chain of finished ehicles and services for ABL, which uses ucode for collateral management”