Smart Sounding Scale “Honesty” Is Now Available

“Honesty,” an efficient tank sounding* device (patent pending) that improves the accuracy of measurements of the surface of liquid, developed by MTI and Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK), and Semco Ltd., is now available.

*Tank sounding
Measuring the depth of liquid stored in a vessel tank or the distance from the top of a tank to the surface of a liquid.



  • An ultrasonic sensor adopted on the measure’s tip senses not bubbles but the actual liquid surface.
  • A buzzer indicates that the measurement is complete, and the accurate value is quickly provided.
  • Improves measurement accuracy and shortens tank-sounding time 30% compared to conventional products.
  • Measures not only fuel oil but also clear colorless liquids such as sea water and bilge water.
  • Convenient to carry around as it is portable and requires no external power supply.
  • Light and compact, easy to carry.
    -Weight: 1,290 g
    -Size: 170 mm (W) × 230 mm (H) × 70 mm (D)
  • Approved by Class NK.


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