MTI and NYK Participating Projects Selected as Support Projects for R&D in Advanced Safety Technology of Vessels by MLIT

Four R&D projects which MTI and NYK are jointly participating in were selected by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) for “2016 Support Projects for R&D in Advanced Safety Technology of Vessels.”

Safer and more economical vessel operation by leveraging IoT* and Big Data is highly expected in the maritime industry. Against such a backdrop, these R&D support projects aim to vitalize and increase the global competitiveness of Japanese maritime industry by encouraging R&D activities that are beneficial to and also enhance the safety of maritime transport.

These projects are also being undertaken as joint research studies with ClassNK, a general incorporated foundation. Brief outlines of the four selected projects are provided below.

Study on monitoring the structural health of vessel hulls for very large containerships
  • Participating companies:
    NYK, MTI, and Japan Marine United Corporation
  • Outline:
    To prevent maritime accidents in advance, a new voyage-monitoring system under study measures and collects such data as bending moment and other forces affecting containership hulls, in addition to navigation records, weather, and marine conditions. By sharing, the data between on board crew and onshore staff, it makes possible to help navigational judgement and design more rational vessel, taking into consideration hull structural strength.
Study on utilizing Big Data to enhance safe, economical operations by prevention of vessel machinery plant trouble
  • Participating companies:
    Japan Marine United Corporation, NYK, MTI, Diesel United Ltd., Wärtsilä Japan Ltd., Sunflame Co. Ltd., Terasaki Electric Co. Ltd., and Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha Ltd.
  • Outline:
    Through collaborative work among shipbuilders, vessel-related manufacturers, and maritime companies, aiming to reduce vessel machinery plant accidents, especially high-risk accidents that may have major societal and cost impacts, by taking advantage of Big Data.
Study on technology that supports safe LNG transport by utilizing ship-shore communications
  • Participating companies:
    NYK, MTI, and JRCS MFG. Co. Ltd.
  • Outline:
    Aiming to develop (1) forecasting technologies for LNG cargo movement and for monitoring vaporization activity in storage tanks during LNG carrier operations, and (2) other fundamental technologies for Big Data applications on LNG carriers.
Study on collision risk judgement and autonomous operation of vessels
  • Participating companies:
    NYK, MTI, Japan Marine Science Inc., National Maritime Research Institute MPAT, Furuno Electric Co. Ltd., Japan Radio Co. Ltd., and Tokyo Keiki Inc.
  • Outline:
    The study includes development of (a) functions to facilitate judgement related to avoiding risk of collision with other vessels; (b) remote operations by land operators during emergencies; and (c) devices related to AR(Augmented Reality)** of nautical instrument information.

Based on the business strategy defined in its “More Than Shipping 2018,” medium-term management plan, the NYK Group strives to promote R&D that further enhances the safety of vessels.

Internet of Things
A concept wherein all objects are linked together through the internet and are autonomously and optimally controlled without human operation or input

Augmented Reality
A live view of physical, real-world environments, the elements of which are augmented by computer-generated sensory input