Announcement of Partial Findings in Study on Avoiding Collisions

On December 26, MTI and NYK (head office: Tokyo; president: Tadaaki Naito) and Japan Marine Science Inc. (head office: Kanagawa; president: Koichi Akamine) released partial findings of a study on collision risk judgement and the autonomous operation of vessels. Representatives from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK), and three partner manufacturers* were in attendance when the findings were released.

This entire study includes development of (a) functions to facilitate judgement related to avoiding risk of collision with other vessels; (b) remote operations by land operators; and (c) devices related to AR (augmented reality)** of nautical instrument information, with the aim to pursue safe operations and reduce officer workload. This study was selected by MLIT for its “2016 Support Projects for R&D in Advanced Safety Technology of Vessels.”

On December 26, NYK reported on its process in developing (a) functions to facilitate judgement related to avoiding risk of collision. Using the large ship-handling simulator at Japan Marine Science Inc., NYK accumulated data on how experienced captains of large merchant vessels avoid the risk of collision, and then digitalized that data.


Usually, officers make a prediction, a judgment of the risk of collision based on their own experience, but each person’s sense of danger differs. The usage of accumulated data to develop common standards will help officers to appropriately judge risk and prevent collisions.

The NYK Group will continue to boost digitalization by taking advantage of promising collaborations that make good use of our operational expertise, analyses, and networks, and strive to enhance transport safety further.

  • *Tokyo Keiki Inc., Japan Radio Co. Ltd., and Furuno Electric Co. Ltd.
  • **AR (augmented reality)
    A live view of physical, real-world environments, the elements of which are augmented by computer-generated sensory input


Photo from left,
Satoru Kuwahara, Consultant Group, Japan Marine Science Inc. (Project Manager, from NYK)
Akihiro Tamura, Director of Engineering Policy Pplanning Office, Ocean Development and Environment Policy Division, Maritime Bureau, MLIT
Toshiyuki Matsumoto, Director of Research Institute, ClassNK
Motoji Kondo, Head in Charge, Products Planning & Marketing Department, Marine Electronic Products Division, Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.
Tadashige Hakoyama, Staff Manager of Marine Systems Company Engineering Dept., Tokyo keiki Inc.
Shintaro Inoue, Maritime Solution Group Leader, Marine Solution Engineering Department, Marine Systems Division, Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
Minoru Taguchi, Manager of Marine Technology team, Marine Group of NYK

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