Infrastructure System to Utilize Ship Big Data

Ship Information Management System, SIMS, is a system to utilize various onboard data monitored by both ship and shore for optimal operation. SIMS consists of two systems: a system for the ship side to measure, display, and send onboard data, and a system for the shore side to monitor and analyze onboard data.

The shore-side system is connected to the numerical instrument and data logger, and thus various data related to fuel consumption, speed, and engine are measured per second/minute. The measured data, after being statistically processed and compressed, is sent to the data center on shore periodically. In addition, information to support onboard energy saving and safe vessel operation is sent to crew members by a viewer for ships.

On the other hand, at the shore side, ship operators and managers can timely grasp the ship-operating situation by a viewer for the shore side. Also, by the voyage-analysis-reporting system, problems and points to be improved can be grasped quantitatively.

As the system for ships is an open platform, we are utilizing the data by sharing and linking it with applications of third parties such as Weather Routing.

MTI continues to develop SIMS as an infrastructure system to utilize ship big data.


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