Media Releases (FY 2010)

List of releases to media reporting on MTI as published in articles or journals in FY 2010

Interview with Katsuhiko Mizuno


Featured article:Japanese most-advanced vessels, “YAMATAI”and “YAMATO”

Interview with Naotaka Ishizawa

Nikkei Computer Oct. 13, 2010 issue

Featured article:Shanghai International Port Group Co., Ltd ”The logistic revolution with RFID technology.”

Book by Hiroyuki Goda

Publisher: Seizando

“Container Logistics “Theory and Practice: The Historical Development of Container Transportation in Japan”

  • August 2010: Awarded the Toshiro Kitami Prize by the Japan Port Economics Association
  • September 2010: Awarded the fiscal 2010 Japan Logistics Society Prize for inventions and ideas by the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers
  • October 2010: Awarded the Sumita Marine Prize by the Japan Shipping Exchange

Interview with Masato Nobuhara ・Daisuke Kobayashi

KANRIN July 2010

The development of “Mente-san,” an equipment to inspect inside the cargo holds of bulk carriers

Interview with MTI

KANRIN July 2010

Concept design of the NYK Super Eco Ship 2030 (The almanac of Japanese Engineers and Shipbuilders in Japan)

Interview with Naotaka Ishizawa

Nikkei Business Special AD Section

Key to efficiency of the global logistics is standardization. Challenging the mutual collaboration of individual systems.

Interview with Yasuo Tanaka

Lloyd's Register Group 250th anniversary special edition VALUE EYES Vol. 11 2010 MAY

Saving the environment that leads to the future. Innovations that leads to the advancements on the Marine logistics.

Interview with Masato Nobuhara

National Geographic Japan

Technology | Eco ships, 20 years from now

Interview with Katsuhiko Mizuno

KAIUN/SEA JAPAN special edition

[Challenge] Young engineers #1 “We achieved the creation of the Super Eco Ship 2030, a container ship of the future that combined creativity of R&D with sales perspectives.”

Article of panel discussion by Yutaka Yasunaga

IBM Smarter Planet Forum 2010 Spring

“IBM Smarter Planet Forum 2010 SPRING “Smarter Planet for opening up a new horizon”

Award Yearbook by Toshikazu Takahashi (designer)

"The Good Design Awards yearbook - 2010"published by the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization Good Design Award "Auriga Leader, the first ship to use solar power for propulsion"

Two NYK Ships Recognized for Their Advanced Designs