Installation of Energy-Saving Devices

October 3, 2022

Research on energy-saving devices and support for the installation

GHG emission reduction is one of the megatrends in the maritime industry. The NYK Group has set its own GHG emission reduction targets (SBT certified, SBT: Science Based Targets) and making constant efforts to achieve a 30% reduction in GHG emissions in FY2030 and a 50% reduction in FY2050 (both compared to FY 2015).

Figure. 1) NYK Group ESG Story *1

Measures to reduce GHG emissions include replacing fuels with environmentally friendly fuels and pursuing the optimal vessel operations. In addition to them, MTI is supporting the installation of Energy Saving Devices (ESD) on existing vessels of the NYK Group such as the MT-FAST, developed by MTI and Tsuneishi Shipbuilding to recover wasted energy from swirling currents generated by propeller rotation by attaching multiple blades in front of the propeller. The number of vessels equipped with this ESD is increasing, mainly for containerships and dry bulk carriers.

In recent years, we have expanded the scope of our services to include a wide range of ship types and have also been actively evaluating and verifying some of ESD developed by ship equipment manufacturers. In addition, we are deepening our collaboration with ship equipment manufacturers and hull design companies to support the installation of ESD after simulating its cost-effectiveness in advanceWe will enhance the collaboration with our partners and continue to contribute to the the NYK Group’s ESG Management.

Figure 2) Installation work in progress

(Writer: Daichi Watanabe)

*1 NYK Group ESG Story:


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