October 3, 2022

SIMS3 and data utilization platform

NYK and MTI have developed and installed SIMS (Ship Information Management System), an onboard data server that collects navigational data such as ship position, speed, and fuel consumption, since 2008 for analyzing fuel efficiency of operating ships in detail. The collected data is shared with the shore side via satellite communication, and the ship and shore side have been working closely to optimize ship operations and fuel-saving operations.
In 2013, we developed its successor, SIMS2, and upgraded it to a data server that can collect data on engine operation status and other engine-related data. The data is utilized for safe ship operations, such as early detection of engine troubles and preventive maintenance.
In addition, we have also participated in international standardization activities related to the utilization of onboard data by leveraging our previous knowledge, and in 2018 we achieved the standardization of two standards, ISO 19847 (functional requirements for onboard data servers) and ISO 19848 (naming standard for onboard data). Thus, we have contributed to the development of rules and environments of onboard data utilization in the maritime industry.
Meanwhile, faster services for ship-to-shore satellite communications have begun, and more detailed and frequent ship data can now be shared with the shore side.

Therefore, we are working on the development and installation of “SIMS3” as a next-generation onboard data server that is compliant with ISO international standards by combining the SIMS know-how and technology we have cultivated to date.
SIMS3 will enable more frequent and detailed onboard data to be shared between ship and shore, leading to real-time and early detection of troubles and anomalies in onboard equipment, as well as more detailed understanding of the situation and more accurate response. Furthermore, by combining such detailed data with simulation technology, we will contribute to the safer and more efficient ship design and manufacture of ships and onboard equipment.

Data utilization platform

(Writer: Jungo Shibata)

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