MTI Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

MTI and NYK celebrated the 20th anniversary of MTI’s founding at a party on April 25 at NYK’s Tokyo head office. The event was attended by around 90 guests, including Hideki Suzuki, MTI president and Takaya Soga, NYK president and CEO; executives of NYK Group companies; and current and former MTI employees. MTI’s new mission, vision, and values (MVV)*1 redefined by its younger experts were also revealed at the event.

During the opening remarks, Hitoshi Nagasawa, NYK chairman and director; Takaya Soga, NYK president and CEO; Nobuhiro Kashima, NYK senior managing executive officer; and Takao Kusakari, former NYK chairman provided celebratory addresses featuring the MTI’s founding journey, its presence and strengths in the current Japanese and global maritime industries, as well as the expectations and future developments for MTI.

At the conclusion of the event, Hideki Suzuki reaffirmed MTI’s firm commitment to continue contributing to the maritime industry worldwide, beyond Japan, and announced the unveiling of redefined MVV, which embodies this commitment.

From left, Takaya Soga, NYK President and CEO; Hitoshi Nagasawa, NYK Chairman and Director; Takao Kusakari, former NYK Chairman; Nobuhiro Kashima, NYK Senior Managing Executive Officer; and Hideki Suzuki, MTI President

MTI will remain committed to embracing and cultivating Proactive Action, Open Collaboration, and Creativity, which are common values among experts in MTI, in order to pursue our societal mission of “Driving Innovation for Sustainability”. Furthermore, MTI strives to become a beacon of open innovation that continues to take challenges together with the field and aims to evolve into a research and development organization that unlocks new possibilities for the maritime industry through trust and uniqueness.

Unveiling the new MVV at MTI’s 20th anniversary party

Representative Comments

Hitoshi Nagasawa, NYK Chairman and Director

I extend my sincere respect to all the predecessors and current members who have been associated with MTI since its foundation. I hope that MTI will continue to be a significant driving force in not only NYK Group and Japan but also in the global maritime industry.

Takaya Soga, NYK President and Representative Director也

Through enterprising open innovation with a mission to contribute to the industry as a whole, MTI has been able to establish a unique position in the world. I hope it will continue contributing to the global maritime industry in important areas such as decarbonization, workforce optimization through automation, and data science with a high level of vision and freedom.

Nobuhiro Kashima, NYK Senior Managing Executive Officer, Chief Executive of Technical Headquarters

The advanced technology, network, and reputation that MTI has built have served us well on the sales side. I hope the company will continue to play a central role in supporting our Group’s technical capabilities and driving research and development, which is the foundation of our competitiveness.

Takao Kusakari, former NYK Chairman and Representative Director

I am immensely pleased and proud to witness that MTI has evolved into a world-class technological organization surpassing the initial expectations at the time of its foundation and the boundaries of NYK Group, by attracting diverse talents. I have grand expectations that MTI will continue to enhance its technical capabilities and achieve further accomplishments on a global scale.

Hideki Suzuki, MTI President

MTI will continue to contribute to the maritime industry in Japan and around the world through the company’s determination to be a magnet and leader in bringing the industry together. This determination is expressed in our newly defined MVV.


*1 Link to Our Mission, Vision, and Values

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