Industry-First Smart Camera for Engine Maintenance Is Now Available

“Kirari NINJA”, a device that can automatically photograph the interior of a vessel engine’s combustion chamber, jointly developed by MTI, Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK,) and Daito Electron Co., Ltd., is now available.

Kirari NINJA, a camera unit with lighting, is placed on a piston with the handling jig through a scavenging port of a cylinder after it is stopped, and automatically photographs the inside of the cylinder at intervals of several seconds while the piston is moved up and down manually.


  1. Release date: July 15, 2016
  2. Product name: Kirari NINJA
  3. Model: DCLC-S01-A, DCLC-S01-B
  4. Product composition:
    ・LED lighting unit   ・Album software
    ・360° camera         ・Carrying case
    ・Controller         ・Dummy box for pre-inspection 
    ・Handling jig          ・Manual
    ・Cooling gel pack   ・Manual (video) 
    ・Charger (batteries included)
  5. Application: For monitoring large marine engines, other
  6. Price: Open
  7. Brochure:  PDF Download(218KB)

Camera unit with the handling jig

Left) camera unit / Right) handling jig


View inside of a vessel engine’s combustion chamber captured by Kirari NINJA

Drag, zoom in/out on the image below, so that you can experience the 360-degree view.

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