The NYK Group Tackles the Digitalization Challenge issued by Kaiji Press

The NYK Group announced its promotion of digitalization and green initiatives as released in its medium-term management plan. Especially focusing on digitalization, The NYK Group Tackles the Digitalization Challenge was issued as the Kaiji Press Special Issue featuring achievements of the NYK Group in challenges toward digitalization and collaborations with outside partners.

Ahead of other companies, the NYK Group has paid attention to the utilization of big data and has created and utilized systems that contribute to energy saving and to efficient and safe navigation. In addition, we actively collaborate with partners by sharing actual-sea operational data and each other’s knowledge for further leaps.

For details of each page, please see the following Contents.

*The contents are based on the information/job title as of the published date: August 29, 2018


TOP INTERVIEW, Interview with Tadaaki Naito, President of NYK, – Striving to create new value

SPECIAL INTERVIEW, Interview with Tanaka Yasuo, President of MTI, and Hideyuki Ando, Senior General Manager of the Maritime Technology Division, – Energy-saving and CO2 emission reduction have become focused at IMO again

Infrastructures of the NYK Group in support of its aggressive stance with data utilization

Digitalization of ships – Challenge of technology development toward manned autonomous ships

Digitalization of navigation – Utilizing data in the field of dry-bulk shipping

Digitalization by collaboration – Pursuing overall optimization through Operation × Hardware